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TamilNadu’s Largest & First ever Automated Industrial Kitchen

who we are ?

We’re a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating Company

Company History

Let’s Insight Our History

In 2018 When We Started

It was a confident & humble beginning, to explore the possibilities of Industrial catering.

Jakanath Poosekar

/ CEO & Founder

In 2019, an year later

We were selling 12000+ Meals per day. FoodSwing acquired FoodExpress and a vibrant nuclear team was formed with the ambition to serve the best food in the industry

Quality First. No Compromise.

On time Delivery Always

In 2020, Two Years of FoodSwing

Serving 16000+ Meals per Day. Unfailing service is a virtue at FoodSwing and we take great efforts to keep this pledge we make to our customers. FoodSwing proactively obtained a special license to keep functioning during the entire duration of the Pandemic COVID-19, never missing it's mission spanning through all the lock downs and breakouts. Focusing on being operational during even such trying times, we evolved past even our own barriers - installing health systems, dedicated and contained (isolated) staff, vaccinating our employees, stringent symptom checks - to support our customers - whether they operated at half strength or even skeletal staffing due to restrictions.

In 2021, 3 Years of our Journey

Serving 33000+ Meals per Day, almost 3 Times of when we started. Started serving to Pegatron, Fairway. Considering the support offered during COVID lockdown Foodswing became a known brand to most of the clients. Began operating the Asian kitchen. We were awarded ISO22000:2018, ISO9001:2018, HACCP Certification and Five Star Hygiene Rating.

In 2022, Fantastic Four Years of FoodSwing

Serving 45000+ Meals per Day. We are growing, everyday, and in 2022, we are a family of 900 employees with an operational capacity of 50,000 pax per day. We have also successfully established our third kitchen at Mahindra World City